Welding Purge Kits



  • Quickly Purge any Size Pipe in 2 Minutes - Saves Time & Gas!

  • Reduce Purge Time from Hours to 2 Minutes!

  • Dramatically Reduce Argon Consumption up to 94%!

  • High Temperature Components 625°F - No Melting or Bursting of Bladders.

  • Diffuser Distributes Gas - No Turbulence means Better Weld Quality.

  • Flexible Connections Included - Not Just Straight Pipe Runs but also Elbows can be Purged.

  • Non Contaminating & Halogen Free - Nuclear & Food Safe.

InterPurge® welding purge kits and individual units come with all components to quickly purge the stated pipe size and schedule or in the case of the kits a range of pipe sizes and schedules within 2 to 3 minutes depending on size.

All welding purge kits and units are able to purge straight sections of pipe as well as elbows and curved sections.

Kits and units include a low permeability 30’ purge hose with flowmeter connection and a 30’ stainless steel retrieval cable if applicable.

We recommend a purge monitor to accurately determine when the pipe has been sufficiently purged and welding can then proceed.

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