Aluminum Bronze Ratchet Wrenches

You can’t build a complete non-sparking toolkit without a ratchet wrench. Aluminum bronze ratchet wrenches act as an extra measure to prevent fire and explosion hazards in the workplace. For welders and other professionals who work with flammable liquids, vapors, and residues, sparks from nearby equipment can pose fire hazards. This is why many industries choose to use non-sparking ratchet wrenches and other tools to follow safety guidelines. The unique materials that form these tools minimize sparks and reduce fire risks. Browse our selection of bronze ratchets today. We offer aluminum bronze ratchet wrenches in various sizes to fit any project.

​Aluminum Bronze

  • Non-Sparking
  • Low Magnetism
  • Tough
  • HRC 22 -29
  • Beryllium Free
  • ATEX Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22
  • ATEX Rated Ex Gb II B
  • Most Common

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