Weld-on D-Rings

These heavy duty forged weld-on D-Rings also called lashing rings are used primarily as lifting suspension points whether permanent or temporary on unweildy structures and fabrications, These D- Rings are also used for tie down points on similar objects for secure transport. These D rings range from 1/2" steel diameter to 1" diameter, and have maximum breaking strengths up to 47,000 lbs and safe working load limits of 15500 lbs.

D-Rings are not to be used for lifting, they are strictly for securing loads.

SAFE WORK LOAD LIMIT (SWL) is the maximum load in pounds which should ever be applied. Working load limit applies to a new product and assumes that the load is applied with even tension.

MAXIMUM BREAK STRENGTH (MBS) is the maximum force in pounds at which the product, has been found by testing to break. This is for acceptance purposes only and the SAFE WORK LOAD LIMIT (SWL) is still the greatest load that should ever be applied


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  • D10 Weld-on Steel D-Ring 1/2" WLL 3600 lbs

    was US$5.08

    now US$4.06

  • D10 Weld-on Steel D-Ring 5/8" WLL 6100 lbs

    was US$9.55

    now US$7.64

  • D10 Weld-on Steel D-Ring 3/4" WLL 9000 lbs

    was US$11.77

    now US$9.42

  • D10 Weld-on Steel D-Ring 1" WLL 15500 lbs

    was US$22.38

    now US$17.90

  • was US$2.73

    now US$2.18

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