Screw Clamps

  • German Engineered & ISO 9001 Manufactured - Top Shelf Quality.

  • Each Clamp Tested at 150% of Working Load Limit -  Quality Control.

  • Type Tested at 400% without Fail - Excellent Design.

  • Over 50 Years of Experience - The Right Choice.

  • TSH Series up to 5 Ton in Stock.

Tigrip® screw clamps offer many possible applications including lifting, transferring and pulling sheet metal, girders and steel constructions depending on which model is chosen:

TSH Series: most popular for lifting, transferring and pulling.

TSD Series: for lifting and pulling.

TSZ Series: for three-dimensional lifting and pulling.

Please note that our screw clamps need only be hand tightened to the material. Once the screw clamp is tightened and lifting begins, the pivoting pad clamping system produces a wedging action against the material, holding it securely.

All screw clamps are rated to be used for material with a hardness up to HRC 50.

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