Non Marring

  • German Engineered & ISO 9001 Manufactured - Top Shelf Quality.

  • Compact & Lightweight - Easy to Handle, up to 40% Lighter than Others.

  • Safety - Most Tigrip Clamps have a Safety Lock to Prevent Accidental Opening.

  • Each Clamp Tested at 150% of Working Load Limit -  Quality Control.

  • Type Tested at 400% without Fail - Excellent Design.

  • Over 50 Years of Experience - The Right Choice.

  • TBP Series in Stock up to 1.5 Tons

Tigrip® nonmarring clamps are suitable for the lifting, turning and transporting of plates with a sensitive surface without leaving behind any marks or indentations. It can also be used for aluminum and stainless steel plate or those with an extremely hard surface.

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