Hardy Spark-Resistant Tools & Non-Magnetic Tools

Picking the correct spark-resistant tool for the job is an important decision. From non-sparking wrenches to hardy hammers and everything in between, the right tool means the difference between success and failure on the job. When searching for the right tools, your decision can be made based on the following:

  • Which ATEX zone will I be working in?
  • Do I require a non magnetic tool?
  • Do I require acid resistant tools?
  • How difficult is the job based on expected wear & tear?


Look at the tables above to choose the correct non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, spark-resistant tool for your application.

Federal, GSA, Military, 
ANSI, DIN, OSHA, DOE, NFPA and MSHA Specifications

Hardy Non Sparking Tools the Professional Choice!


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