Dissolving Paper Products

InterPurge™ dissolving purge paper, tapes, prefabricated purge dams and spacers are an economical choice and often the only available solution to a purge problem. This is often the case when the final weld is being done or the pipe is being reduced and a dedicated purge system cannot be retrieved.

The purge paper is available in two grades:

Medium Weight W35: utilized for pipe diameters below 4" (100 mm) as it is a thinner paper.

Heavy Weight W60: can be used for all sizes including below 4" pipe.

InterPurge™ paper and tape is non toxic, non corrosive, and is simply flushed away with water or steam when the weld is complete. The paper and tape leave no harmful residues or trace elements in the pipe, which makes them suitable for the manufacturing of process piping in the nuclear, pulp, paper, food, brewery, petrochemical, chemical, marine, pharmaceutical, computer and other industries.


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