Large Jaw Capacity

  • German Engineered & ISO 9001 Manufactured - Top Shelf Quality.

  • Compact & Lightweight - Easy to Handle, up to 40% Lighter than Others.

  • Safety - Tigrip Clamps have a Safety Lock to Prevent Accidental Opening.

  • Each Clamp Tested at 150% of Working Load Limit -  Quality Control.

  • Type Tested at 400% without Fail - Excellent Design.

  • Over 50 Years of Experience - The Right Choice.

Tigrip® offers a variety of large jaw capacity clamps that allow the handling of a variety of sizes with only one clamp. The TAG model can be used for loading machine tools, steel constructions, welding, assembly duties as well as for concrete and prefabricated pieces. The automatic clamping force is retained by a positive tension spring, even if there is slack in the chain. 


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