Pipe Weld Purging Systems



  • Quickly Purge any Size Pipe in 2 Minutes - Saves Time & Gas!

  • Reduce Purge Time from Hours to 2 Minutes!

  • Dramatically Reduce Argon Consumption up to 94%!

  • High Temperature Components 625°F - No Melting or Bursting of Bladders.

  • Diffuser Distributes Gas - No Turbulence means Better Weld Quality.

  • Flexible Connections Included - Not Just Straight Pipe Runs but also Elbows can be Purged.

  • Non Contaminating & Halogen Free - Nuclear & Food Safe.

  • Always in Stock!




InterPurge® purge kits come complete with all components to quickly purge the stated pipe size and schedule or in the case of the kits a range of pipe sizes and schedules within 2 to 3 minutes. These are a great value and as it is modular, other components can easily be added later.

All pipe weld purging systems are able to purge straight sections of pipe as well as elbows and curved sections .

Included is a low permeability 30’ purge hose with flowmeter connection and a 30’ stainless steel retrieval cable.



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