Titanium Tools

  • Non Magnetic & Tough

  • Corrosion & Acid Resistant

  • HRC 33 -43 - Long Tool Life

  • Excellent for MRI and Military Applications

  • Lightweight


Titanium is particularly suited for applications in the chemical industry, shipyards, offshore drill rigs, aerospace and in the medical field. Hardy Titanium tools are the right choice whenever anti-magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, extreme toughness and bio-compatibility are required. Titanium is a high-quality material with outstanding properties and has a high specific strength as well as great elastic energy absorption. Titanium is nearly 50% less dense than steel and is lightweight on top of it.

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance

  • Anti-magnetic behavior for use in strong magnetic fields (e.g. magnetic resonance imagery)

  • High specific strength

  • High elastic energy consumption capacity

  • Low weight –50% reduced density compared to steel

  • High thermal stress

  • Good bio-compatibility

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