Hoist & Crane Pallet Lifter

To safely lift and transport heavy loads throughout your warehouse or property, you’ll need the proper pallet lifting equipment. Crane pallet lifters from Intercon offer several safety features, such as crane forks, bright colors, and easily adjustable tines. These overhead crane pallet lifters ensure that your pallets and other loads will remain centered and evenly supported. If you’re in need of a pallet lifter crane attachment, look no further than Intercon.

  • Crane Pallet Lifters are available as 1.5, 2.0 & 3.0 Ton Model​s

  • Safety - 4:1 Safety Factor

  • Automatic Balancing & Centering of Loads

  • Adjustable Forks and Height

  • Designed for 48" x 48" Pallets

  • High Visibility Safety Yellow

  • Includes Load Retention Chain 

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  • ICY Overhead Crane Pallet Lifter 1.5 Ton Auto-Balance

    was US$2,025.00

    now US$1,417.50

  • ICY Overhead Crane Pallet Lifter 2.0 Ton Auto-Balance

    was US$2,504.00

    now US$1,752.80

  • ICY Overhead Crane Pallet Lifter 3.0 Ton Auto-Balance

    was US$3,017.00

    now US$2,111.90

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