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8 Tools Every Welder Will Need For A Job In Manufacturing

Manufacturing employs two-thirds of American welders, making it an attractive field for young professional welders. There are many jobs that the manufacturing industry will ask you to do. One of the most important jobs you should be able to do in your position is make clean welds on pipes that need to be joined. Whatever […] ... Read More

The 3 Essential Tools Of The Modern Pipe Fitting Trade

Did you know that thousands of dollars in labor are lost every year by companies that continue to use outdated pipe fitting and alignment methods? If you want your welding company to maintain a competitive edge, it is important to keep up with the latest measuring and precision welding technologies. This is especially true of […] ... Read More

What Are Non Sparking Tools and What Are They Made Of?

As you may already know, there are many highly specified tools for different types of jobs. Wrenches, screwdrivers, welding torches, pipe alignment clamps, you name it, there’s a tool for the job. One class of tools is made differently from all the rest. So, what are non sparking tools, and what are they made of? […] ... Read More

Different Lifting And Measurement Clamps That You Need For Sheeting And Piping

If you need to update your material handling equipment, you should know all about horizontal and vertical plate lifting clamps. These are the two most basic types of sheet metal lifting clamps. Another category of clamps you will need to explore if you participate in pipe production is pipe alignment clamps. Vertical Lifting Clamps If […] ... Read More

Why These 5 Industries Are Using Non Sparking Tools

Non sparking tools are essential to any good toolkit. They involve a non ferrous coating that makes accidental sparking a thing of the past. Additionally, they are not magnetic. This is due to the lack of iron in their chemical composition and it makes them incredibly useful in many different cases. Here are a few […] ... Read More

5 Things That You Should Find In A Purge Kit

Did you know that the earliest known welding occurred over 5,000 years ago in 3,500 B.C.E.? Though the concept was the same as it is today, technology has certainly come a long way. One of the most useful advancements was the invention of pipe purging equipment for welding. Purging is a process that essentially sucks […] ... Read More

4 Frequently Used Welding Tools No Professional Kit is Complete Without

Welders are essential to the growth of our economy. Any product using fused metal requires professional welding knowledge to execute. That’s why 412,300 new welding related jobs are projected by 2024. With the growing job market and new learning technology in vocational schools, the question is, what tools do they use today, and what will […] ... Read More

The 5 Basic Kinds Of Pipe Alignment Clamp

Pipe alignment tools have come a long way. New pipe purging equipment and pipe alignment clamps have outstripped older technology by a huge margin. Now, pipe purging equipment is all but necessary, and pipefitters will find a wide range of clamp options. In fact, there are five different types of clamps used regularly. Precision These […] ... Read More

Choosing The Right Shielding Gas For Your Weld

The practice of welding has been around since at least 3,500 B.C., but many improvements have been made since then. One of these improvements is the use of shielding gases and purge monitors to keep the welded materials from reacting in unwanted ways during the welding process. Purge monitoring equipment can help welders keep their […] ... Read More

Essential Purging Equipment To Ensure Excellent Welds

According to data gathered by the American Welding Society, more than 500,000 welders are employed in the United States today. While that sounds like a high number, it’s actually much lower than the demand for these important jobs. Such a career is critical to the smooth functioning of countless industries. Plumbing, oil pipes, urban infrastructure, and […] ... Read More

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