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4 Frequently Used Welding Tools No Professional Kit is Complete Without

Welders are essential to the growth of our economy. Any product using fused metal requires professional welding knowledge to execute. That’s why 412,300 new welding related jobs are projected by 2024. With the growing job market and new learning technology in vocational schools, the question is, what tools do they use today, and what will […] ... Read More

The 5 Basic Kinds Of Pipe Alignment Clamp

Pipe alignment tools have come a long way. New pipe purging equipment and pipe alignment clamps have outstripped older technology by a huge margin. Now, pipe purging equipment is all but necessary, and pipefitters will find a wide range of clamp options. In fact, there are five different types of clamps used regularly. Precision These […] ... Read More

Choosing The Right Shielding Gas For Your Weld

The practice of welding has been around since at least 3,500 B.C., but many improvements have been made since then. One of these improvements is the use of shielding gases and purge monitors to keep the welded materials from reacting in unwanted ways during the welding process. Purge monitoring equipment can help welders keep their […] ... Read More

Essential Purging Equipment To Ensure Excellent Welds

According to data gathered by the American Welding Society, more than 500,000 welders are employed in the United States today. While that sounds like a high number, it’s actually much lower than the demand for these important jobs. Such a career is critical to the smooth functioning of countless industries. Plumbing, oil pipes, urban infrastructure, and […] ... Read More

MRI Machine Repair and The Right Tools For The Job

Did you know that over 50% of made in America products involve welding in the production process? That’s one major reason the domestic welding market is thriving and shows no signs of slowing down. This is due to the level of integration welding as a skill has in so many different industries. The importance of […] ... Read More

Pipe Purging FAQ: What Welders Need To Know

More than 50% of products made in the U.S. require welding, making these skills more in-demand than ever. Most welders understand that in order for their work to stand the test of time, the metal work piece must have a clean joint. Purging equipment is used to eliminate any oxygen in the material that could […] ... Read More

Non Sparking Tools: What are They and How To Maintain Them

These are special tools made of non-ferrous materials like beryllium copper that produce less, or no, sparking when used. They are often used in environments where a spark could ignite materials around a worker. What Materials Are Used To Make Them? A non sparking tool kit will have tools made from a variety of materials. […] ... Read More

What Are Pipe Alignment Clamps And What Do They Do For You?

Every year, companies lose thousands of dollars because they continue to use old-fashioned methods to align pipes and fittings. These labor costs occur when a company uses weld-on lugs, hydraulic bottle jacks, or ratchet cable pullers to align pipe ends. Businesses and welding contractors should not have to pay for losses in productivity or to […] ... Read More

4 Tips To Safely Handling a Plate Clamp

Plate clamps whether a vertical plate lifting clamp or a horizontal clamp need to be operated carefully. They need to hold heavy loads, which means it’s crucial to understand how to work with these tools safely. There are many ways to do this, but some of the most effective are They need to hold heavy […] ... Read More

All About Our Argon Purge Monitors and Their Benefits

According to the American Welding Society, there are more than 500,000 welders currently employed in the United States. Considering that welding is one of the most important trades in America, with more than 50% of U.S.-made products requiring it in some form, it makes sense that welding professionals need the best tools for the job. […] ... Read More

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