Box End Wrenches

Getting a grip on nuts or bolts in awkward locations can be a challenge. Box end wrenches are up to the task. Intercon offers box end wrenches, including double box end wrenches with angled ends, to help you loosen or tighten nuts or bolts of various sizes with minimal slipping.

When working in areas that may contain combustible materials, it’s critical to use non-sparking tools. Intercon supplies non-sparking box wrenches with different-sized ends for versatility when you encounter nuts or bolts of differing diameters.

For pros who work in potentially dangerous environments with flammable or combustible materials present, non-sparking tools are essential. Intercon can supply non-sparking box end wrenches to use in such environments. Work safely with non-sparking box end wrenches from Intercon. Shop today.

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