Case Study

Bill K from California

Bill was in the process of TIG welding two 20’ spools of 6” schedule 10 stainless steel pipe when he decided to evaluate the InterPurge System.

Conventional purging procedures dictates that a minimum of 8x volume exchanges of argon are necessary to ensure adequate purging . In this case this would equate to 3 hours between start of purging and when welding can finally proceed. Cost of argon gas for this purging technique would be $15.75.

Using an InterPurge 6” Maxi Purge System, purge time was reduced  to 3 minutes between start of purging and when welding could begin. Cost of argon gas for the purging procedure was less than $1.00.

Conclusion from Bill was that the InterPurge system would result in a recoup of $180 in labor as well as a reduction of argon gas by almost 94% on each weld! Bill's acquisition cost for an InterPurge 6’ system (J50330175) was $298.40. He recognized that the InterPurge System was paid for after only 3 welds. Bill has found even more significant savings on larger sizes with improved weld quality.

Cost Savings of $180 in Labor and a Reduction of Argon by 94% per 6" weld!

Cost Input Numbers:

  • Volume 6.357” ID x 40’ = 8.8 ft3 x 8 change outs = 70 ft3                                                                                                
  • Cost of Argon Gas = $75 for a bottle of argon
  • Time = 75 ft3 x 25 CFH = 3 hours
  • Cost of Labor $60 / hour


Operating Instructions


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