Argon Purge Monitors


  • PARTS PER MILLION RESOLUTION -  Absolutely necessary for precision welding.

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY - Know when to weld, do not waste time.

  • ACCURATE & REPEATABLE - This way every weld is A1!

  • SERVICEABLE - We service & calibrate what we sell.


InterPurge™ offers a variety of argon purge monitors, though we only offer ppm (parts per milion) purge monitors as any high quality welding is done at levels below 70 ppm.

We service what we sell! We calibrate as well as perform repairs on purge monitors with a quick turnaround. Call 1-800-665-6655 or email [email protected] for an RGA number and a quote.

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  • Purge Monitor InterPurge 772 Complete 110V - 240V

  • Purge Monitor Pro2 Expert Complete Battery Powered

  • Purge Monitor Pro2 Plus Complete 110V - 240V

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