5 Tips for Choosing Commercial Door Hinges

Commercial properties might have special doors that require choosing various door hinges to ensure functionality. Usually, these doors are not typically what you would find in a home, and they therefore require the business owner to find specific hardware capable of holding the weight of the door and allowing it to swing open and shut freely. Many factors go into deciding on a hinge—make the right one for your company.

How Will You Use the Door?

Are you installing a new fireproof door to bring your building up to code? Or are you installing a front door where multiple customers and clients walk through daily? Doors that receive frequent use will need a hinge that can keep up with the constant traffic. Doors that are heavier and made from harder materials will need heavy-duty hinges to support the weight.

Types of Hinges and Doors

Now that you know how you’ll be using the door, you must understand the different types of hinges on the market compared to the kind of door you’re installing. Steel, glass, and wood are common doors you can find on a commercial property. Each hinge you would pair with the door has different strengths—it’s important to find the right one to stabilize the door. Hinges you could consider for your applications are ball bearing, butt, spring, and other heavy-duty types.

Weight of the Door

One of the main deciding factors for choosing a commercial door hinge is how much weight the door will bear on the hardware. The heavier your door is, the harder the hinge will need to work to swing the door open and shut. We recommend a stainless steel weld-on hinge for the most frequently used doors to ensure they remain safe and in place as high volumes of traffic enter and exit your store.

Maintenance Requirements

While the hinge or door won’t require constant maintenance, you may need to oil or clean the hardware from time to time to ensure there is no wear and tear. The more the door is used, the faster it will deteriorate if you don’t take the time to maintain the hinge. To note, a higher-quality material for the hardware will not need as much maintenance.

Consider Your Budget

The cost may increase if you’re installing a fireproof door or other special types of applications. Create a price point before shopping around for hinges. With a plethora of options available, it will be easy to overlook the price and accidentally go over budget. Slowly eliminate options by sticking to your budget; this will allow you to choose the most affordable option for your business.

Choosing the correct hinge is extremely important in maintaining the safety and functionality of the door. Understand how you’ll be using the door, the types of materials, the weight, and your budget before coming to a decision.

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