Aluminum Bronze Tools vs. Beryllium Copper Tools

The type of tool you work with depends on the job application and a variety of other elements. For example, if you are working near or around an electrical current, you must use non-sparking devices. With various tools on the market, it can be challenging to determine which is best for each scenario—follow along to understand the differences between aluminum bronze and beryllium copper tools.

Hardness Level

The hardness level of the tool matters because you could be working with special equipment that requires you to use a softer tool to minimize damage. Aluminum copper has a hardness of 22-29 HRC, while beryllium copper tools are slightly harder at 28-26 HRCs.

Zone Capabilities

Working in a variety of zones requires the use of different alloys because of the various types of combustibles present in the atmosphere, such as dust, gas, and vapors. Intercon Enterprise’s aluminum bronze works within ATEX (Atmosphere Explosible) zones 1, 2, 21, and 22. At the same time, the beryllium copper has more range in ATEX zones 1, 2, 20, 21, and 22.

Tool Durability

When working on a tougher project requiring more strength, choose beryllium copper equipment because of the high hardness and high tensile strength. Aluminum bronze is not as durable because of the chemical composition of the alloy, but it may be required over the former when you’re performing more delicate tasks.

Magnetic Properties

A significant factor when choosing between aluminum bronze and beryllium copper tools is whether the task at hand requires a true non-magnetic device. Aluminum bronze has a low magnetism that is safe for most projects in which magnetization is not a huge factor. Beryllium copper is truly non-magnetic and would be the safer option when you cannot take chances working on special equipment such as an MRI machine.

Consider the specific application of the task at hand when selecting which tool to use. If you need to play it on the safe side because you are working with a magnetized device or machine, use a beryllium copper tool. Intercon Enterprises offers a variety of tools in these alloys for you to choose from for your next project.

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