5 Things That You Should Find In A Purge Kit

purge kitsDid you know that the earliest known welding occurred over 5,000 years ago in 3,500 B.C.E.? Though the concept was the same as it is today, technology has certainly come a long way. One of the most useful advancements was the invention of pipe purging equipment for welding. Purging is a process that essentially sucks the air and other contaminating gasses from the area around a weld. As a commonplace process in welding, purge kits are now available to purchase. Here’s what comes in these purge kits, and what each tool is used for.

  1. Inert Gas and Pump
    Typically, argon is pumped into the welding area. This forces the unwanted gas out. Afterward, you seal the argon-infused area to ensure that oxygen and other gases don’t re-enter your welding area.
  2. Tubes
    You will need tubes to carry the gas into and away from the purging area. The size of the tube will ultimately dictate how much gas flows through at what speed, so choose a kit with tubes commensurate with the scale of your welding project.
  3. Halogen-Free Tape
    This tape contains no contaminants making it the perfect sealing method to trap the argon in and keep the contaminants out.
  4. Gas Monitor
    An argon purge monitor reads the levels of gases inside your purging chamber. This gives you complete control over the process, resulting in more precise welds. Any gas with an oxygen density of over 500 parts per million that comes into contact with the weld surface during the welding process will result in the area’s oxidation and discoloration.
  5. Welding Chamber
    A container that houses the welding surface and the inert gas. This makes for easy purging since the weld will be contained securely, there will be plenty of work space, and you won’t need to worry about weld ruining gas leaks.

If you need a millimetrically precise method of welding pipes without risking ugly oxidization, a purge kit might be the best tool for the job. Correct pesky impurities in your work by purging first, and being happy that you did later.

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