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Jokisch Welding Anti-Spatter

Made in Germany since 1961

Jokisch LB-100 welding anti spatter prevents spatter from sticking to steel, stainless steel and galvanized metals. No sticky gummy residuals, no rust, no pinholes and will not affect painting. Welder and environment friendly; non-toxic and contains no solvents or hazardous propellants. Works with MiG, stick welding, plasma cutting or gouging, and laser cutting operations. Test our specially priced 1 gallon LB-100 Premixed Liquid Anti-Spatter and get one spray bottle free!

  • Jokisch LB 100 anti spatter stops spatter on steel, stainless and alloys.
  • Jokisch LB 100 will not compromise weld quality or create porosity.
  • Jokisch LB 100 leaves no sticky gummy residuals.
  • Jokisch LB 100 does not inhibit painting or galvanizing.
  • Jokisch LB 100 creates no hazardous fumes.

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