Why Use Inert Gas Purging When Welding Stainless Steel?

Why Use Inert Gas Purging When Welding Stainless Steel?

When you begin a welding project, you must ensure you get the cleanest, most durable finish when joining two stainless steel joints. Using inert gas purging when welding stainless steel promotes the strength of the metal and joint and helps increase specific properties of the weld for a longer-lasting hold. Inert gas purging purges the air from inside the hose at the front of the weld; this prevents atmospheric and other types of contamination in order to keep the weld material similar to the parent material.

Prevents Oxidization

When oxygen enters the hose to the weld, it causes a chemical reaction that oxidizes the metal and causes discoloration. Prominent coloring along the welded joint is an indication that the joint is not held together properly. Over time, often sooner rather than later, the joint can break, making the weld no longer viable. Flood the inert noble gas into the hose slowly to minimize the risk of oxygen seeping in. Using the correct size hose cuts down on time and ensures a successful weld purge.

Increases Corrosion Resistance

Purging your weld with inert gas also keeps the parent material resistant to corrosion. If you do not use a purge, you risk a decrease in corrosion resistance, shortening the life span of the weld. You never want to diminish the properties of the metal. Following the practice of purging will safeguard your handy work so it stays intact for a longer time.

Avoids Sugaring

Sugaring is a sign that the welder did not do an inert gas purge. An uneven surface to the weld leads to premature cracking, trapped bacteria, and corrosion. You never want to burn through stainless steel, causing sugaring. A weld that uses an inert gas purge helps prevent sugaring when you begin to weld the pieces together.

Provides a Cleaner, More Uniform Appearance

If you follow the inert gas purging process, the above advantages make for a more clean, uniform appearance to your weld. In any application process, whenever you use a flammable material or gas, seek out non-sparking tools manufacturers to maintain a safe environment while you work. Using suitable materials ensures the welding job is stable and made in a clean manner that makes the weld last.

All in all, using inert gas purging when welding stainless steel provides the best weld technique. You always want a proper weld for customer approvals, strong joints, and quality products. Make inert gas purging part of your welding routine, and you’ll soon notice a difference in your welding projects and products.

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