8 Tools Every Welder Will Need For A Job In Manufacturing

pipe alignment clampsManufacturing employs two-thirds of American welders, making it an attractive field for young professional welders. There are many jobs that the manufacturing industry will ask you to do. One of the most important jobs you should be able to do in your position is make clean welds on pipes that need to be joined. Whatever job you are offered, make sure you are familiar with and possibly even own the following tools.

  1. Purge Monitors
    When working on especially complicated jobs like pipe welding, there are certain processes you must do. One of these is purging the weld surface of oxygen. A purge monitor will indicate when this is done.
  2. Welding Torch
    It might seem a little obvious to you, but you probably won’t make it as a welder without a torch. There are many options out there, so use your expertise to find one that fits what you’ll be doing.
  3. Pipe Alignment Clamps
    There are a number of different pipe alignment clamps to choose from, but they must not be overlooked when it comes to pipe welding.
  4. Pipe Cutter
    Perhaps you have a pipe segment that’s too long, and you need to attach something the exact width of that pipe to another pipe, but have a restricted amount of space. You’re going to need a pipe cutter.
  5. Non Sparking Tools
    If you foresee yourself working n flammable conditions, or near hospital equipment, non sparking tool are the safest option available.
  6. Vice Grips
    You will need vice grips at some point in your career. Even people who aren’t welders or mechanically minded use them regularly.
  7. Hammer
    Same can be said for hammers. Everybody needs one.
  8. Helmet
    A welding helmet is an absolute necessity. It is downright dangerous to weld without one. Besides flying sparks and the potential for flames to catch your hair on fire, the light from the flame can damage your eyes.

From a hammer to pipe alignment clamps, welders need to build a robust toolkit to make it in the manufacturing industry. Get the skills and materials in front of you today so you can be prepared for a job in the industry.

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