Why These 5 Industries Are Using Non Sparking Tools

non sparking tools

Non sparking tools are essential to any good toolkit. They involve a non ferrous coating that makes accidental sparking a thing of the past. Additionally, they are not magnetic. This is due to the lack of iron in their chemical composition and it makes them incredibly useful in many different cases. Here are a few situations in which having non sparking tools is essential.

  1. Oil Rig Maintenance
    Oil rigs are basically one big bomb waiting to blow up. Luckily, non sparking tools are an integral part of the safety protocol at oil mining operations. They will not recklessly cause sparks and have likely prevented a number of potential explosions. The same can be said for many natural gas mining operations.
  2. Hospital Equipment Repair
    Not only are these tools used for safety in potentially explosive situations, but they are great for health equipment maintenance and repair as well. Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines, known more commonly as MRIs, use a big magnet to scan the brain. Since the metallic composition of MRI tools does not include iron, they are non magnetic tools too. Titanium, for example, is 100% safe to use in diagnostic imaging and biomedical machines.
  3. Auto Mechanical Maintenance
    It isn’t strictly necessary for mechanics to use non spark tools for working on cars, but if the car has a full gas tank, caution might be the best approach. Again, the danger of a spark igniting the gas tank of an automobile is a bit unlikely, but be wary of this possibility if you are an auto mechanic.
  4. Chemical Handling Equipment
    Forklifts, pickers, carts, and conveyor belts in a chemical handling plant will likely need to be repaired at some point. Chemical plants are also some of the most likely places to find highly flammable materials. Using non sparking tools here is a must.
  5. Ammunition Plants
    Weapons of war are pretty flammable. Guns, flamethrowers, literal bombs, and everything in between constitutes a real risk of accidental ignition from stray sparks. Having the right tool for the job is rarely more important than in an ammunition plant.

Safety should always come first in situations that involve endangering human beings. Working with flammable materials, or powerfully magnetic equipment is tense enough without the constant threat of explosion. That’s why non sparking tools are an essential part of any balanced toolkit.

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