Different Lifting And Measurement Clamps That You Need For Sheeting And Piping

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If you need to update your material handling equipment, you should know all about horizontal and vertical plate lifting clamps. These are the two most basic types of sheet metal lifting clamps. Another category of clamps you will need to explore if you participate in pipe production is pipe alignment clamps.

Vertical Lifting Clamps
If you need to lift heavy sheet metal at exactly 180 degrees, vertical plate clamps are the tool for the job. There are several different clamp heads in this category that can provide the level of precision you require.

pivoting shackle is a type of clamp that has an adjustable head angle. It lifts vertically but can be adjusted a few degrees in either direction. This is perfect for placing plates that might not have enough room to be lifted at a perfect 180 degrees.

Screw clamps are a rugged and mechanically simple clamp. They are hand tightened and incredibly secure. Since they are so minimalistic, there are not many moving parts. This means more durability and easier repair.

Horizontal Lifting Clamps
There are a wider variety of innovative designs for horizontal clamps due to the additional surface area that can be clamped from a horizontal position.

Plate and thin plate clamps are similarly dual head designs that grip either end of a plate, keeping it in a horizontal position. Thin plate clamps are designed to have a lighter touch so the plates do not bent.

magnetic plate clamp is a single head gripping device that doesn’t clamp, it grips through magnetism. This is very effective for magnetic metal objects, but good luck lifting anything else.

Pipe Alignment Clamps
These are not designed for lifting, but instead for millimetric precision. When welding a pipe, it must be aligned absolutely perfect in order to have a quality usable product. They use a tri-adjustable clamping head and are a necessity in the pipe fitting industry.

Whatever your lifting or measurement clamp needs, you can find the top of the line quality material handling equipment at Intercon. Call today and get up to speed with the best material handling technology.

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