Tigrip TAG 1.25/200 Universal Grab 1.25 Ton 4" - 8" Capacity

  • Jaw Capacity 4" - 8" (100 - 200 mm)
  • Working Load Limit 1.25 tons
  • Weight 57 lbs (26 kg)

The TAG universal series grab saves time, as it does not require chains, cables etc. when hoisting and loading material. The large jaw capacity allows it to tackle a variety of sizes with only one clamp. It can be used for loading machining centers, handling of steel constructions during welding and assembly duties. It can also be used to handle such materials as concrete.

The automatic clamping force is retained by a positive tension spring, even if there is slack in the chain. The quick open type universal grab opens by lifting and simultaneously pulling the lever out against the tension spring. The jaw is closed using the tension spring. 

Grabs up to 1.25 tons are available upon request with protective linings, which reduces the jaw capacity by 3/8" (10 mm). Grabs with a capacity less than 2 tons come with round chain and clamps with a higher work load limit come with flyere chain.

Material hardness should not exceed HRC 30.

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